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Why should you make a Will?


1- Choose the people you trust to carry out your wishes


2- To appoint a guardian for your children


Have control over who will be guardians to your children.


3- To protect your business


Making a Will is a good way to pass your interest in a business to your heirs or the co-owners of the business.


4- Have control over who receives your assets


Decide who receives your belongings after you die, not generic state rules. These rules might not meet your wishes and never include provisions for those not related to you, like close friends or charities. Ensuring your estate is distributed the way you wish it to be.


5- Be Tax Aware


Minimise or avoid any tax payable.


6- To make a difficult time less difficult


Losing someone is incredibly hard, and the last thing any of us want to do is spend those hard times haggling with solicitors and family members. Making a Will keeps your loved ones from having to deal with bureaucracy in a time of sadness.


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